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What is VISU?

VISU is an insight generation and delivery service.

Performance Reporting

VISU elevates the concept of business intelligence reporting with advanced data integration capabilities, intuitive data visualization design and a user-friendly interface which prioritizes business skill over technical skill.

Business Consultation

With decades of experience in complex technology and commercial environments, we understand the importance of timely, data-driven decisions. Our consultative approach will quickly assess your most challenging issues and provide solutions customized to your specific needs.

Data Analysis

Over 20 years of analytical experience across numerous industries, the VISU Solutions team brings a unique blend of technological and commercial expertise to deliver critical business insights.

Customer Stories

Our customers have great expectations. Our passion is exceeding them.

Customer Adoption and Retention


Sales Performance Management


Territory Optimization


Customer Mapping


Zone Profiles


Launch Planning



We work very hard to exceed our client's expectations.

  • "Impressed"


    I have been in this industry over 20 years and I have never seen a business intelligence solution deliver insights to end users in a more effective and user-friendly manner than VISU.

  • "Appreciated"

    Territory Manager

    VISU allows me to quickly analyze my territory performance and thoroughly understand where I need to prioritize resources in order to maximize sales performance.

  • "Meaningful"

    Senior Specialty Representative

    This is awesome! There is nothing else I need.

  • "Reliable"

    Specialist Territory Sales Manager

    It’s a great tool and the most user friendly I have seen to date.

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VISU elevates business intelligence data to deliver key, actionable insights that our customers love to use and rely on to deliver superior performance. Contact us for a no obligation demonstration and discover the possibilities.

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